Data Collection across All Tenvito Tools.  

GDPR Compliance

All data collection and consent are managed according to GDPR regulations for us as data processor and you as merchant using Tenvito. 

Data and permissions recorded of your customers, you can use to further contact and to create better contextual experiences for your customers.  These processes are managed, automated, and updated in real-time.

We comply with GDPR regulations to ensure you get data-driven insights and consent to maintain relationships with your customers. 

Data-Driven Decisions and Actions

As data compounds, we will assist you in unearthing the data diamonds. These insights may inform your decisions and your future actions. Your customer knowledge may prompt how you develop your e-commerce offering, marketing and communiication strategy and tactics. 

As this reservoir of data grows and compounds and we evolve the tools we offer you , this will become an increasingly valuable asset to you. 

Mobile Experiences, one-to-one communication, marketing, and communications (beta) 

The opportunities that lie ahead in this area are incredible, they are not only available to big business but we will make them available to you. This is an evolving space whose foundation is based on the data we collect now. 



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