What do consumers think about your product? Do they like it? Is it too bitter, too sweet, too expensive or just right? 

Instant Reaction Research 

TENVITO can provide brands real-time feedback and consumer reaction when they undertake large-scale sampling. This can be undertaken in multiple venues throughout a city, country or further afield.

Right here, right now

With traditional sampling methods, a brand can get a limited number of consumers to provide feedback. This tends to be costly and limiting. Our instant reaction tool is simple to implement and is an intrinsic part of the digital sampling process. 

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Daily Data

Tenvito generates a significant amount of data as part an parcel of what we do and this can be interrogated on behalf of brands and businesses to provide insights and feedback to promote effectiveness and efficiency. Data analytics are built into each part of our developing ecosystem to provide reliable data for informed decision making.

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