Mobile engagement is a crucial aspect of modern marketing strategies, we give you the tools to connect with customers on their mobile devices seamlessly

Loyalty is your out of the box customer engagement. Tenvito makes loyalty simple. No printed cards. No app to download.

Simple connected in-store experience to build stronger relationships between you and your customer. 

The customer scans your loyalty card QR code or taps a tag and the magic begins. It couldn't be easier. 

Once scanned the consumer opens their personal loyalty card. 

A friendly staff member credits the customer for the purchase on their phone. 

Next time the customer is in-store they repeat the process and their personal card will appear on their mobile.

For Merchants how does it work?

1) You sign up to TENVITO loyalty and access your self-service dashboard.

Online Dashboard

2) On your online dashboard, you set the parametres for your customer rewards. 'Buy 4 coffees and the 5th is on us".

Getting going today

3) You will receive your companies QR code which you can use in your own artwork and point of sale material. To speed you on your way to instant use you can simply print off your pre-designed dazzle black and white poster which is available instantly on your dashboard and is customised with your name. You are ready to go.

How you stamp - your choice


With a linked mobile or a tablet, you scan your customers' digital loyalty card and you stamp their card from your device.  If you have any questions or would like to LEARN MORE let us know. 

For Customers how does it work? 

A customer scans the loyalty card QR code with their phone. Their personal loyalty card pops up (and does so every time).

A staff member stamps the card digitally.

The next time the customer is instore the process begins again.  

Reasons to be Cheerful

A simple to use loyalty card for customers and staff.

No app to download.

No additional equipment required.

A digital card that is always there. Simple and secure.

Consumers can back up their stamps and rewards to their phone number.

An opportunity to connect with your customers in a new and novel way.

Editable consumer message section.


Simple to use online management dashboard which also supplies real-time update of the number of users, stamps and bonuses/rewards used.

We provide a QR code to download and include in your printed materials, which can be read through iPhone camera, Snapchat, Shazam or QR reader on Android.

To get you started we have created your own A4 print.

Would you like to create your loyalty card account? You can start here! 

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