Turn large-scale product sampling into a consumer digital engagement opportunity.

Digital sampling made simple

TENVITO digital sampling allows brands to run simultaneous sampling campaigns in multiple venues.

No app needed. Just a connected on-premise experience. Easy to use for consumer, brand, and venue.

Originally developed for brands to sample high-value products where they wanted to ensure a consumer only received one sample. But applicable across products of any value. 


Simple to activate

Your dashboard gives you granular control of your campaigns and you get real-time feedback. The tool is secure and a consumer can only receive one sample guaranteed - there is no workaround. The soilution focuses on the quick and seamless delivery of a sampling campaign providing the opportunity to turn the consumer experience into on-going digital engagement. 


High-quality consumer engagement

With TENVITO we have created a solution to turn that challenge large-scale product sampling into a high-quality consumer engagement opportunity.

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Digital Sampling made simple.

Reasons to be Cheerful. 

Scalable digital sampling

Sampling campaigns can be undertaken at a large number of venues - simultaneously.

Promotions are not reliant on dedicated promo staff.

Simple digital connection - an invite to sample your product can be pre-sent to a consumers mobile or . . . .

The same invite can be collected on-premise, via QR codes printed on POS, display media, beer mats etc.

Engagement is via their mobile’s browser - no app needed.

Simple to use

One invite voucher per mobile for high-value goods. No workaround.

Instant digital consumer feedback on your product.

Effective reporting during and post-campaign available through your dashboard.

Opportunity for further ongoing digital engagement.

Simple to set up a campaign

Can be implemented during relevant time periods when the consumer is most receptive to sampling.

All customer data collection and management are GDPR compliant. 

We eradicate product loss and waste. There is a digital audit trail for brand & venue.

Digital payment of the venue if required, is automated as is reporting and admin paperwork. 

Cost effective and will increase brand sales.

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