Increase your brand sales On-Trade. Tenvito Media is a proven growth driver. (Kantar)

We have built a Media Network of digital displays in Pubs and Bars. 

We designed and built our displays and software with purpose so that can be easily placed on a consumer's path to purchase.

This decision is a crucial decision as it dictates in principle what a pub go-ers are going to consume while in the pub.

Each of our displays are positioned to optimise a pub go-ers first drink decision.

The conservative estimate is that 67% of people who enter a bar have not decided what they are going to drink when they cross the threshold. Then they have 4 of those drinks on average before changing brand or leaving.

Independent research undertaken by Kantar states that our media positively influences that very valuable consumer decision of 2/3 of pub go-ers.

We place our displays where they will be in the consumers line of sight before they order their first drink. Should they explicitly and consciously be aware of the brand advertised on the display or implicity view the brand message sub-consciously, the result is the same.  There is an increase in sales of the brands advertised.

Kantar undertook Independent research and found media is a proven growth driver.

If you would like to know more about the extent of our network, rates and research let us know.

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