Digital displays re-imagined and built with purpose. Plug, play and display - simple! 


Our way 

We have designed and built Tenvito based on our collective experiences - what we like, what we are frustrated by and what we see coming down the line.

This is especially true of our Tenvito displays and content management system which we have built from the ground up. We were frustrated by the alternatives and felt there could be a better way. 

With our on-premises display, we want to be able to control our own destiny and build something that would give us the flexibility to add features and improvements when we think fit and not wait on third-party suppliers. 

Our displays are re-imagined, high quality, fit for purpose and sympathetically designed to fit their environment. We have paid attention to using components that can be recycled at the end of the product's life cycle. 

New approach

Our primary objective is that our displays have a very light digital infrastructure. This is plug, play and display. We want to open up a world of dynamic content in a new and cost-effective way. After all this is the first day of the Internet of Everything! 

We respect individuals' privacy. We have consciously built are displays not to have built-in cameras or microphones. We don't believe displays should have the potential of viewing, listening or recording individuals' actions or behaviour should that be accidentally or unwittingly so we have removed the possibility of this happening.


Safeguarding privacy and choice

Biometric profiling is now commonplace with digital displays. We do not support the practice and each camera and microphone placed within displays give the administrators of the displays the potential to peer and spy into public or private places where they have not right to be. Normally owners of the venue or space are unaware that this could occur. We also see a potential minefield in terms of GDPR compliance.  No cameras and no microphones period. 

We respect individual privacy and their right to associate without third-parties profiling the group racially and otherwise and the potential to abuse individuals' privacy shouldn't be available with digital displays. The safest and most transparent approach is no cameras, no microphones, and no creepy tracking software. 

Tenvito Media Players 

Our newly built media players allow Tenvito content management system work with any display with a HDMI socket. We think our media players are a thing of beauty. You simply plug and play. No need even for WIFI. They work wirelessly using GSM. No additional unsightly aerials or power transformers. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve simplicity but we think it is worth the effort. 



Build your own network

Our display solution can be used in retail or hospitality sectors with the content managed through cloud dashboard. No need for broadband infrastructure If you would like to know more - don't be shy please ask. 


Tenvito digital display on subscription

We offer Tenvito Display as a subscription service. We provide digital displays and manage content multi-display networks.

If you would like to work with us on this or would simply like to know more. 

Please let us know. 


Digital signage on subscription 

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