Grow Sales with our Media, Commerce & Experiences Solutions

We design and build Tenvito hardware and software based on our collective experiences - what we like, what we are frustrated by and what we see coming down the line.

We use our hardware and software to create digital media networks, seamless eCommerce and digital experiences

What Tenvito offers:

Digital display and content delivery We have reimagined and manufactured for a new era, where 'everything connects'.  Our new format displays have light digital infrastructure (IoT). This is plug, play and display with a certain amount of class!

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Subscription digital signage We provide digital signage solution on monthly subscription. We supply you with displays. You plug them in. We manage your content. Some Ts&Cs apply of course. If you would like to know the nitty gritty please contact us. 

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Digital loyalty card to strengthen your relationships with your customers. This tool doesn't require consumers to download an app. No more print or plastic cards required. Simple to use for consumer and venue.

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Digital sampling built for companies to sample high-value products, ensuring a consumer only receives one sample.  This is a secure system with the opportunity of ongoing connection. No app required. 

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Instant reaction research allows consumers to provide brands and venues instant feedback from their digital experience in real-time. No need to wait weeks for the results of field marketing research. Reaction in real-time. 

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Click and Collection Platform when our media business was shuttered as part of the Covid 19 response, we built a SAAS platform to get small businesses trading safely using online tools. We built a simple to use platform is quick and more cost-effective for the small businesses to get trading online. One business was set up and taking paid orders within 30 minutes from a standing start.

Location-based mobile engagement dynamically and evolving mobile communication connecting brands and venues to consumers on their mobile devices. Digital experiences available to consumers in the real world. If you have any questions or queries of this developing area of 'clicks and mortar' let us know.

Retail packaging with digital smarts to make a brand's physical product part of the digital conversation. We are applying the tools we have developed to turn brand packaging into a relevant basis for brands to provide relevant dynamic content. 



Tenvito enables venues and brands to create digital connections with people in their daily lives.  Did we mention there are NO APPS required and we respect consumer's privacy, so no creepy surveillance or targeting software!


Subscription digital signage. We make it simple. Plug, play and display. Multi-screen & multi-venue display network with managed real-time content on a monthly subscription. 

* In response to the Covid crisis, we have created an easy to use and cost-effective CLICK & COLLECTION solution for cafes, restaurants, shops and SMEs who are not 'tech' obsessed.

This enables you to take online payments and automate your new workflow so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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