Easy to use, all-in-one system to connect, engage, and transact with your customers. 

Digital Signage & Media

Your dynamic digital signage solution to captivate customers through targeted messages, real-time updates, and flexible scheduling.  



Your intuitive and comprehensive e-Commerce module for your business to sell anything in minutes. 


Mobile Engagement

Your solution for the creation and management of direct customer experiences. 


Compliant Data Collection 

You can ensure all your customer data is collected in compliance with GDPR and for your csutomers that give their consent is ready for you to use in real-time.


Digital Sampling

Your comprehensive Interactive sampling experience tool allows customers to trial products while enabling businesses to collect valuable data and engage with your customers. 

Intelligent One-to-One Communication & Marketing (beta) 

Your data-driven marketing solution enables businesses to foster meaningful, timely, and compounding customer connections. You can create timely and contextually relevant communication. The more you use it, the smarter it gets. 


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